Going Outside The Norm In Choosing The Appropriate Wedding Dress

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In this 21st century, different fashion styles have either emerged or being renovated from what it used to be. Back in the days, parents and/or the church group of the intending couples influenced the choices of either a wedding gown or wedding suit. Simply put, I must meet certain standards. Some couples have had to ditch their beautiful outfits just so they can blend in to laid down rules in the church or as proposed by their family members and this has, more often than not, caused silent issues.

The most important factor that should influence a couples choice of wedding dress is the love they have for each other. Of course, they church they belong to Will have a say at so,e point but, at least, 80% of the choice should lie on the couple. Back then, grooms wore suits that almost steetched beyond their wrists and the shoulder pads raised a little too higher and, most of the time, the sizes were somewhat bigger than them. The brides, on the other hand, wore classic 1950s gowns because that was more like the code fpr absolute decency. Most of these brides didn’t actually fancy the dresses but, because they wanted their big day to go on, they just had to let sleeping dogs lie.

In essence, a couple should be allowed to choose their wedding dresses by themselves and not the other way round; though the church would finally get to approve of it. It’s their big day and they deserve to be happy; not being forced to wear something they’d rather not wear. If a groom feels okay with wearing anything in the likelihood of a suit but more trendy, he should be allowed to wear it. We’re in 2021, not 1865! It’s their big day and they want to show forth their love in the presence of family members and friends. Above all, as an intending couple, go for a fashion wear that you’ll feel comfortable rocking.


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