Celebrity Focus (Laura Ikeji And Susan): Elements Of A Solid And Genuine Friendship

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On 15th March 2021, Laura Ikeji-Kanu turned 33 years old and, her friend, Susan (CEO of Susan Channel Beauty) gifted her with 3 million naira cash and a brand new Toyota Camry. Now, a lot of people will be wondering how or why Susan gifted Laura such juicy gifts………. Well, your guess is as good as mine! Asides the fact that Laura was initially signed on as Susan’s brand ambassador, Laura pushes and supports Susan’s brand like it were to be hers. If you didn’t know before, you’d probably think Laura owns Susan Channel Beauty. Laura obviously knows and understands the core rules of friendship and, Susan, on the other hand, didn’t take Laura’s friendship for granted.

1) Being friends with someone OR showing solidarity to/for someone goes beyond mere lip service. If you call someone your friend and you don’t even as much as support the person in his/her hey days, then, you two are not deserving of each other. The test of true friendship lies in the loyalty you have for each other and, that’s what should matter.

2) Being friends with someone should bring out the best and not the worse in you. It’s also vice versa. If you discover that your friendship with your friend always leaves you drained emotionally and mentally, you both should operate at arms length because it’s absolutely of no use. If you constantly have to avoid being with or seen by someone OR a particular group of people, desist from such association before you go crazy. Engaging in healthy friendship is amazing!

3) Being friends with someone should show you great sides of you that you never thought existed. There are certain traits in you that won’t show forth until you align with certain people and, by all means possible, don’t lose them. Most times, you’ll get to see that you get positive vibes around certain people and they encourage your growth in your chosen field. If your friendship with someone brings out a bad side of you and constantly, you don’t need anyone to tell you what exactly to do – BACK OFF!!!

Healthy friendships should be encouraged by everyone; irrespective of gender, class OR qualifications. Be with that friend that sees your growth and pushes for you to achieve more. Be with that friend that will tell you the truth to your face in a respectful way; not someone who derives pleasure in treating you in a demeaning and condescending manner. Knowing your value is important but, knowing and aligning with who values the values you bring to the table is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!


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