The Acceptance And Rise To Prominence Of Baby Mama Concept

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Heraclitus must have been a very clever man to put forth the statement, “ the only constant thing in life is change.” How long ago since we started hearing the phrase, baby mama. As we can all agree, quite prominently, the phrase is now very common. Everyone’s writing, talking or promoting it in one way or the other. Needless to state that this is a relatively new concept in our social space yet, it has gained so much acceptance during its short existence. To begin our discourse, we need to first understand the subject matter here.

Who Is A Baby Mama?

According to Wikipedia, A mama (also baby-mama and baby-mother ) is a slang term for a mother who is not married to her child’s father. Merriam Webster defines it as “the mother of a man’s biological child especially : one who is not married to or in a long-term, intimate relationship with the child’s father.

How Did Baby Mama Originate?

This term is associated with African Americans originally, coming from Jamaican Creole and finding its way into rap music. The term originated in Jamaican Creole as “baby-mother” (pronounced [ˈbebi ˈmada] ), with the first printed usage appearing in the Kingston newspaper , The Daily Gleaner in 1966. Another Daily Gleaner use dates from November 21, 1989.( Wikipedia) Originally, the term was used by the fathers of illegitimate children to describe the mothers of their children. The term is now in general use to describe any single mother .

What’s Fueling The Popularization Of Baby Mama? Though there has always been in existence for a long time, illegitimate affairs leading to the birth of children, the normalization it has received in recent years is really massive. This popularity has been accelerated mostly by prominent stars either in music, sport or other sections of the entertainment industry. Very often, fans hear their idols talk about their baby mamas and girlfriends. Their song lyrics are ramped up with mention of baby mama. This rising trend has influenced a lot of persons to view the practice as normal and acceptable as they wish to model after these stars.

Also, with the innate tendency of humans to reach for freedom and abuse it subsequently is the rapid growth in irresponsibility. Humans hate commitment. We want something that we can easily thrash and walk away from. As such we prefer an invalidated union where not much is at stake, while we have full privileges and rights. So men prefer making babies with anyone they fancy instead of committing to a legal union.

A further extension very common with the low class people is the financial demand of a legal union. Getting married at times is expensive and most low income individuals opt to make babies outside wedlock rather than wait to be financially stable. Their baby mamas are mostly left in the care or her parent while the man goes about trying to find his feet or carelessly strolling about.

Baby Mama statistics

We want to drop a brief details about the numbers associated with this practice using America as a case study. We find that the presumption that most single parents are mothers is accurate.

According to the Census data, approximately 80.4% of custodial parents are mothers, and 19.6% of custodial parents (baby 1 in 5) are fathers. A good number of baby mama happen to have just a single child from such adventurous affairs. Very rarely does a baby mama birth more than one child in this kind of arrangement. Solo motherhood is particularly common among black mothers (56% are in this category). By comparison, 26% of Hispanic moms, 17% of white moms and 9% of Asian moms are solo parents.

However, this practice goes beyond the two people involved. The negative impact of baby mamas extends from the immediate players to the society. The level of irresponsibility promoted and advocated in this practice is rather alarming as it undermines the importance of the home where a man and woman stays together to plan out their life efficiently. The benefits of family life and the coordination it offers to the society cannot be achieved when homes are in shambles and are greatly disorganized. Running of a society with disjointed families is more challenging than a society with strong family ties and values.

How Negative Is The concept of Baby Mama? Just maybe this wouldn’t have been a cause for concern had it not constituted serious negativities. Though most literalist will argue that inasmuch as someone decides to have babies with any lady of choice without harming any other person, then they should be left to be.

There is also the problem of acute inadequacy in the care and attention that a child should get. The platform for the combination of efforts by parents to produce and societally functional child is absent where a man settles for baby mamas instead of legally validating a union in marriage. Core values of humanity, behavior and interaction lose the emphasis they should get in a society where keeping baby mamas is seen as harmless. With the deviation from the normal cycle of behavior in terms of coming together to start a family, comes a barrage of ills and vices in the society.

Maybe due to ignorance, most societies had begun to normalized the practice of baby mamas, but with a more critical assessment and analysis of the inherent dangers accompanying this practice, should be a retraction and reversion to the institution of marriage which promotes a well structured home.

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