Video: Omotara Apologises In English, Yoruba And Hausa

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In another attempt to win over her remaining critics, social media influencer Omotara Akanni has apologised for the video where she appeared to tease a child beggar with a drink. Omotara has seen her world take a dramatic turn since the video went public.

Although she has apologised multiple times for her actions, she released a new video via Twitter on Tuesday, speaking in three different languages – English, Yoruba and Hausa – and asked for another chance to be a “better person.”

“It’s been long weeks of lessons for me. I made a terrible mistake and I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I promise to be a better version of myself and be more kind and compassionate. Thank yall for the corrections,” Motara captioned the post.

The Ibadan-based influencer has been forced to open new Twitter accounts after her previous ones were suspended over the video which attracted far-reaching outrage, even to the French-speaking communities.

It was gathered that the video violated some Twitter policies. Motara was also suspended from her role as public relations officer of a non-governmental organisation Brotherskeeper over the video. The NGO also announced she ceases to be its member.

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