Video: Olajide Oduyoye To LASTMA Officials: They Will Turn On Us If We Don’t Change

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The General Manager of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Mr. Olajide Oduyoye, has come online to warn LASTMA officials around this state.

In a video shared on the internet, the LASTMA boss warned Officers about the rampant complaint about the Traffic Management Authority that was established to ease traffic gridlock that has become the second nature of Lagos metropolis.

Mr. Olajide warned that the pressure is real and men of the commission need to immediately change its attitude on the road with motorists or the public will turn on them, urging them to calm down.

He also added that henceforth, any LAsSTMA officer caught extorting, being wicked to motorists, or not having proper proof of any traffic offense committed will not just be charged alone, but the Zebra, Commander, and Comptroller of the Zone of the said officer will be charged and punished as well.

He urged the comptrollers to call their men to order because Enough is Enough

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