The ‘Exacerbation Of Selfishness And Greed’ Of The European Super League-Uefa Vice-President

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The planned European Super League is the result of “selfishness and greed,” says Fernando Gomes, vice-president of Uefa. Last week, it was announced that negotiations had taken place about the development of a new competition for £4.6 billion.

Josep Maria Bartomeu, the outgoing Barcelona president, said the club had started proceedings to join the league. It violates all sporting merit principles. It would be a privileged club proclaimed by itself, “said Gomes.” The European Super League, although talks are at an early stage, will include the top sides from around the continent.

Bartomeu said in his resignation speech that Barca had begun proceedings to support their financial future. Gomes, however, said it would have “no help passage” in his native Portugal.

Source: Daily Mail

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