Back To The Future: Arteta, Ancelotti And The Reasons For The Flood Of Goals In The Premier League

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It was yet another crazy Premier League football weekend as two 3-3 draws took the number of games up to 12 for the season with six or more goals, surpassing last year’s final total of 11 in only five game rounds.

Something bizarre is happening, and while there is an apparent connection with the environment’s strangeness, the vacant stadiums or truncated pre-season do not completely justify the horrible defending and wide-open contests.

A twist to the hypothesis that the Premier League will spring back to populism is proposed by Arteta. His ability to play high-risk short passes out of goal kicks with the express intention of drawing the opposition forward is one thing that separates him from Guardiola (and, ironically, renders him similar to Unai Emery). By pretending to be weak in your own third, the idea is to draw them into a pit before suddenly evading the press and breaking forward into an artificially planned, counter-attacking situation.


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