8 Social Media Etiquette Everyone Should Learn

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In the last 10 years or so, social media has exploded so much that it now boast of billions of users across different platforms all over the world. Accepted and used by both the old and young, individuals, organisations, governments etc to either connect, meet new people, relay messages, make announcements and for marketing purposes etc.

However as everything good comes with it’s own bad sides, it has also been misused for different evil purposes like scam, spreading fake news, spamming personal accounts and several annoying and unethical behaviours. Let’s take a look at some of those unethical acts;

1. Do Not Add Anyone To A WhatsApp Group Without Permission.

It is very annoying when you pick up your phone and discover you are part of a WhatsApp group that you know nothing about and suddenly there is a million unread messages and thousands more incoming, making your phone bip non stop. Very annoying!

2. Check For Grammatical Errors Before Posting.

This one is a mistake and it’s very common and I must say, mostly its unintentional. Sometimes you just miss the spelling or type in the wrong letter and we are all guilty one way or the other. However read through your post once more before posting to reduce the possibility of the errors as sometimes the errors could be funny and call for sacarsm or mockery, making readers forget or overlook the message intended.

3. Respect Opinions And Avoid Cyber Bullying.

So someone posts the way they feel about a subject matter or just a random thought and everyone comes down on him/her reigning abuses and all manner of derogatory comments just to prove a point. Celebrities are often on the receiving end of this. Even if the post is wrong or insensitive, an articulated comment to point the person to the flaws in their logic would be better than just throwing insults around the internet.

4. Mind Your Comments And Posts.

What people do not realise is that the internet never forgets, even after deleting your posts or comments the traces and screenshots still lingers. Avoid posting and commenting when you are drunk, down or depressed. Think your posts and comments through before posting, it may be used against you in the future.

5. Avoid Over Sharing And Posting.

You are bathing, you post. You are eating, you post. You are having family issues, you post. You get a new job, you post. You got a new deal, offer, plan, idea or project, you post. While social media is a place to make friends and catch fun, over sharing and being too open about your life and plans can be counter productive and encourage more Cyberbullying. Posting too frequently is literally annoying.

6. Don’t Tag Someone On A Post/Photo Without Asking.

Who else is annoyed when they log in to find that they have been tagged on a post or photo they don’t want to be part of or have no connection with whatsoever. Before tagging someone on a post or photo that could become controversial, do ask for their permission to do so, its simple.

7. Avoid Overusing Hashtags.

When we tweet, we want it to get as much exposure as possible, therefore we use Trending hashtags to promote that. The more exposure, the more interaction and retweet, consequently more exposure. However combining all the trending hashtags on twitter just to promote your tweet makes it all mushy, annoying, untidy and overwhelming. Which then becomes counterproductive to your account.

8. Avoid Fake News, Indiscriminate Broadcasting, Asking For Reshare And Blackmail.

Social media is a powerful platform and can be used to rapidly share news facts and important information. However formulating fake news for mischief purposes is unacceptable, Untop of that you ask people to re-share it so it can spread further. Someone sits back to construct some religious article or prayer, broadcast to all their contact asking them to re-share to 10 persons or suffer an evil fate. That is the height of annoyance.

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