Shafy Bello Celebrates Her 50th Birthday With Lovely Pictures

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  • 12475315_iamshaffybello1210681501776296006037282526404667417149655n_jpegfdf0556ca72323ed08dd49f1c076a070

Shafy Bello is a Nigerian film actress and singer. She first shot into the entertainment scene when she featured vocals in a 1997 hit song by Seyi Sodimu titled “Love Me Jeje”. She shared some lovely pictures on Instagram with the caption:

DEVINE BLESSINGS, RAIN IN ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE OF JOY, PEACE,LOVE, AND MORE MONEYYYYYYY…….It’s Lurking ITS ALL HERE…..Right where I am. The blessings, peace, abundance of joy. Right at the top….the 5th floor and beyond. I SEE IT. I RECEIVE IT. IT HAS BEEN HANDED TO ME. GLORY TO GOD. There are levels to this thing……..Glad to be on the 5th floor. #shaffybello@50 #shaffyonthe5thfloor

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