Aston Villa White-Washed Liverpool In One Of Premier League Most Remarkable Scorelines

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Football is actually an unusual game! Who would believe that a newly promoted Aston Villa could beat Premier League holder Liverpool 7-2 when both sides were 11-man against 12-man. This in betting is called “tickets tearing”. I won’t write much in this because even me was dumbfounded. While am not going to say much, I can only say that Chelsea should not sell Rise Barkley when the loaned tenure is elapsed. There is something about the guy.

Watkins who for no doubt produced the man of the match took a ball home after securing a Hat-trick as he scored in the 4th, 22nd and 39th minutes of the first half to give the host hope after Mohamed Salah made it 2-1 at the 33rd minutes. McGinn and Barkley saw the back of the net at 35th and 55th respectively before Mohamed Salah’s second consolation. To cap it well, Grealish added two to increase his side’s Goad Advantage. I must tell you that English best defender, V. Van Dijk was available on the pitch. The god of soccer was Suragainst the Red’s today.

Photo Credit: Sky Sports

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