Learn To Work For What You Desire

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Everyone needs help sometimes, either in one way or the other. No matter how rich and self sufficient one may be, you will eventually need someone for something someday.

However some persons have become so used to getting help from others or collecting from people all the time that they lose their sense of appreciation. Some have enjoyed the benefits of obligations and responsibilities so much that they assume its their right to be catered for, consequently gaining an annoying sense of entitlement, therefore losing completely, their sense of appreciation.

Some adults are still living with their parents or older relatives, they are fed, sheltered, clothed and catered for directly by their them, so they feel it’s their right to get it all for free. Social media went agog few days ago, as billionaire businessman Femi Otedola gifted his three female children, including celebrity DJ Cuppy, one Ferrari Portofino each. A lot of people took to social media to lash out and blame their parents for not being able to do same for them.

Furthermore, there are people who benefit from their relatives one way or the other, directly or indirectly. Some have become so used to receiving from their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, boss, friend etc that they begin to feel directly entitled to it. They desire and demand everything luxury and when they ask and don’t get, its arguments and fights.

Not preaching that recieving or giving is wrong however once you carry your own water, you would learn to appreciate and value every single drop of it. You receive always and don’t know the amount of work and sacrifice put in to get what you are given, so you trivialise it.

Become responsible for yourself, work for the things your desire. Go out there, get yourself a job, save up to get shelter and provide for yourself, then just maybe you would appreciate your parents for all they could give to you and not curse at them for some fancy Ferrari.

Use your salary to get yourself that flagship phone you are demanding from your boyfriend or husband. Take yourself shopping and get all those designer bags and shoes you have been fighting him or her for. Get married, bear children, fend for them and don’t forget to buy them the Ferraris or maybe Bugatti. Send your elder brother that 2k you demanded that made you hate him, because he couldn’t give it to you.

Once you begin to do things for yourself, you will understand the pain on every penny and your sense of appreciation will come back to you. You will learn to demand less and be grateful for whatever you recieve, either gesture or obligation.

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