Video: Adam Albani: “President Buhari Is Incompetent & Useless” – Islamic Cleric

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The media space has been set abuzz following the surfacing of a video showing an Islamic cleric by the name Adam Albani vituperating the President Muhammadu Buhari led government for gross incompetence and the hardship it has caused the generality of Nigerians in recent memory.

The viral video, which was posted by SaharaReporters, shows the cleric passionately excoriating the government over its failure to make good on it’s responsibilities to the Nigerian citizenry. In the video, the cleric labeled the president as ‘incompetent’ and demanded his immediate resignation in view of the President’s call for former President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to resign when the country was mired in a quagmire of insecurity during the latter’s presidency.

He said: “Was it not you who told Jonathan to resign because there was insecurity in the land? Will you also not resign because of your incompetence”? “What is our benefit as citizens? No peace, no unity. The state you are from, they are cursing you.

They are saying may Allah curse you because you are useless in their eyes”. “What is the benefit of your presidency or that you are commander-in-chief of the armed forces? May your kind be purged from the land”

“What sort of situation is this? If we talk we are arrested and detained. Anyone who attempts it, may he be cursed. “To be honest, no one can save us from this mess if not Allah. The president is incompetent. The governors are incompetent. The lawmakers have failed. Making fake laws and deceiving the people and stealing from them”.

The cleric, who spoke in his native Hausa, towards the end of his verbal tirade switched to English when he questioned, “What kind of leadership do we have in Nigeria”?

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