Why You Need To Help When You Can

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A lot of people have developed the mentality of competition that they see almost every approach as a challenge one way or the other. It is probably not their fault, we are born into a world where we are ranked by how much negativity we have avoid, ignore or defeat. Therefore we assume every affront to be toxic or negative until proven otherwise.

Other times it’s how much we have had to struggle and fight just to get whatever little we have, the competition we have to face to get what we want and where we want to be, the experiences we have had with unscrupulous ones while lending a helping hand and the stories we have heard about how others ended bad after trying to help.

All these sometimes makes us turn hard or unyielding when someone beckons on us for help, especially when it’s a stranger or someone we are not so familiar with. We find a thousand excuses not to do what the good conscience is asking us to do because the other mind is pinching us to be careful of the unknown. So we take off, leaving them stranded and creating more resentment and bitterness in our world.

Admittedly there are many things not so good happening in the world, but must we continue to multiply the chain reactions and creating more ripple effects?

What people do not understand is that help is something we do for ourselves and not necessarily for the other person. When you help a brother you have also helped yourself against tomorrow when you may be in need. Besides, help rebounds, if not to you, to some close to you who might need it badly.

When you clear the road for a brother or light up his path, you are also tidying up your own road and brightening up your own path. Only becareful to recognize genuine call for help to avoid the many schemes of the world. If we render more help, the more we spread love and the better the world gets, one person at a time.

Tomorrow will always ask of yesterday and whatever we choose to do today waits for us tomorrow, good or bad. We can’t keep basking in the negatives, do good always and when you can, just be careful!

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