It’s 90% Certain Lionel Messi will Stay Back At Barca After Dad’s Intervention

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After a 90 minutes meeting with Jorge Messi on Wednesday, it looks like his son, Lionel Messi is close to admitting defeat in his battle to leave Barcelona for Manchester City, according to TyC Sports in Argentina. In the meeting, Barcelona asked Messi’s father Jorge to help persuade his son to reconsider his attempt to force his way out of the club, in a 90-minute meeting with Nou Camp president Josep Bartomeu.

Currently and with neither side appearing willing to back down the stalemate looked set to continue but message has been relayed to the Barcelona captain and he is understood to be considering his options on today, Thursday 3rd September 2020. According to Messi, if not for the Coronavirus Pandemic, the deadline to his contract-end would have been faster as he looks forward to reconsidering a stay-to-the-of-his-contract in 2021.

Source: Daily Mail

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