Lionel Messi’s Father, Jorge lands In Barcelona For Talks With Crisis Club’s Beleaguered President

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As the rumour continues to make the news on whether the world best football player, Lionel Messi will stay or leave Nou Camp in few days, his dad, Jorge Messi just landed the city of Barcelona for talks with the management of the club as it concerns his son.

Before now, the club President Josep Bartomeu has made it clear the club are prepared to fight tooth and nail for the player. It has culminated in head-to-head talks taking place, with Messi’s father Jorge flying in from Argentina to Spain for a sit down with the club. He was pictured landing in Barcelona this morning. That showdown is due to take place this afternoon, and you can follow all the latest news and updates from the biggest transfer saga in recent history with flipmemes

Source: Daily Mail

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