What Actually Went Wrong For Sanchez In ManU?

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When it was a rumour that Alexis Sanchez might be playing for Arsenal one day, from Barcelona, many (including me) knew it would come to a reality and that did not just take place, he moved to the club and also played well until the Red Devils in Jose Mourinho’s control started calling. There was a deal and a fat wage backing it up but the output was not effective and efficient to every expectations. Hence, the question; “what actually went wrong for the young man in Manchester United?” That ‘what’ is what Adam Bate looked at and is reported here.

“I thought he would be a forward who would play all across the line, who scored goals and was tenacious, but he has been an absolute disaster. I have no idea what’s happened to Alexis Sanchez. There must be two of them. The one that we saw playing for Barcelona and Arsenal for years and the one that turned up in Manchester. I have no idea what it is.” To me, aside the fact that the Red’s pattern never really matched his, I think he was also not so lucky like when he had selfless Oliver Giroud and Mesut Ozil in Arsenal who jointly fed him with passes. There was actually two Sanchez; one who played in Barcelona/Arsenal and the one who played in ManU, now in Inter Milan. The former was better.

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