7 Types Of People You Should Never Trust In Life

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Everyone is born with one fault or the other, no one came completely perfect with no blemish or behavioural shortcomings. Considering this when dealing with people and socializing makes it easier to form a more realistic relationship without expecting too much and forgiving when we are wronged and when necessary.

However there are certain traits or behavioral patterns that when one possesses, poses more danger than normal and could get you into serious trouble. These are a few of them:

1. The Egocentric Ones: These are the ones that feel the world revolves around them. They want to get always but never want to give. You could sacrifice your whole life for these ones with the hope that they will return the favour when needed, only for them to dissapoint you when needed the most. Their ego is too fragile, its always about them, you are not sure of what to say next or they will feel offended. Never trust them!

2. The Addicts: Be it drug, alcohol, sex, gambling etc never trust anyone who have a small god they worship on the side and can’t go a day without that god. The thing about these set of persons is that it is actually not personal, they just need to be in touch with their subject of addiction, so they can kill for it if situation warrants.

3. The Entitled Ones: You owe them everything and anything they ask of you. The money in your pocket is their entitlement. It is their right to be given and you dare not ask them to give. The dangerous thing about these set of people is that when they get too close to you, they begin to feel like they are supposed to be the one who should have all you are blessed with. This could lead them into considering getting rid of you!

4. The Ungrateful Ones: There is nothing you do here that is good enough to be thanked. If you like give them the world, they would still find a reason to make you feel you have not done enough therefore you don’t deserve any accolade. This makes you feel the constant need to want to keep doing something to please them just to get their approval. If you are not careful, you will get stuck in an endless loop of yearning for a pass mark.

5. The Gossips: No one needs to tell you never to trust a gossip. These ones can’t keep a secret, well except you want your secret to be an open secret. They tell you all about others and you laugh and merry with them, in turn you feel relaxed and tell them about yourself. Same way they they carry it elsewhere and tell another. Never trust a gossip!

6. The Ones Who Lack Sympathy: Their heart is filled with stones, it’s like someone ripped off their heart and replaced them with large gravels. They never see anything wrong with anything they do no matter how bad it is. If you get in their way, they would not mind doing away with you. No matter how long or how much you have been through with them, if you cross them, they will will never forgive you. Avoid them!

7. The Indecisive Ones: They are never sure of what they want. This minute they want this, the next minute they want that. One dangerous thing about people who sit on the fence is that you are never sure of where you stand with them, you don’t know if they are for you or against you. They are like Chameleons, this minute they are blue, the next they are green, never trust them at all!

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