Why Arsenal Boss Arteta Can Take Inspiration From Klopp’s Liverpool

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It’s been five years since Liverpool FC ended one of worst season in a 6-0 defeat to Stoke city and finished 10th on the table in that 2014-15 term. The fan contributed mainly to Brendan Rodger’s sack after the match, though, lasted but not for long as he left the club within two months.

Here and now, five years on, they head to Arsenal this evening as Premier League and – for the time being European champions; they are 21 points clear at the top of the table and in contention to beat Manchester City’s all-time top-flight points record of 101 points. For Arsenal, it’s proof that with good coaching and clever dealings in the transfer market, things can change quickly in football and that is what the Gunners boss Mikel Arteta will mastering on as the encounter the Reds this evening.

Source: Goal.com

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