The Get Rich Quick (Blow) Syndrome Ravaging Our Society

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Success can be defined as the achievement of ones goals, aim or objectives based on the consequence, outcome or results of some series of actions or work. It is something that comes slowly and grows slowly based on input made over a period of time.

Success can be negative or positive depending on the path taken in achieving it. Negative success is quicker, easier, less stressful but also comes with serious disadvantages and consequences.

A lot of times i have heard youths say they just want to “blow” (become suddenly rich within a shortest possible time). They envy the wealthy and successful, they want all the money, fame and influence the rich enjoy but do not want the hard work that came with it.

This “blow” craze has made our youths delve into all sorts of crime and illegalities just to become rich overnight. Fraud, cybercrime, cutting corners in business, robbery, extortion, gambling are just a few to mention. Nobody wants to work hard and build a decent life over time anymore, everyone just want to get money by whatever means and show it off with reckless abandon.

It is now a herculean task to find a young apprentice at a mechanic or carpenter work shop. Nobody wants to do those kind of work anymore, if you are not talking soft work, then you are talking nonsense! Our politicians and the society is not helping matters either. They show off ill gotten wealth at every given opportunity and use it to oppress the poor. The society celebrates criminals and fraudsters, confer them Chieftaincy titles and accord them the highest respect at events. Just get the money, nobody cares how you get it.

All of these have made our youths just want money by all means and at the the shortest possible time. They want to “blow” and show off like their mentors. They are ready and willing to commit the crime and get the money, after all their mentors did it and nothing happened.

Finally, where is all of this leading us as a people to? A future where everyone is desperate to get money without considering the consequence on others. A future where the then fathers and mothers are fraudsters and their children eagerly learning from them. A future of absolutely lawless society where anything and everything as obtainable, nothing is legal and nothing is illegal.

If we do not strive to correct these anomalies, no one needs to remind us of the disaster that lies ahead!

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