AfDB Appoints Rabah Arezki As Vice President

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The African Development Bank Group has appointed Rabah Arezki as Chief Economist and Vice President, Economic Governance and Knowledge Management.

The appointment takes effect from October 1, 2020. According to a press release from the Bank, Dr. Rabah Arezki hails from Algeria and his presently the Chief Economist for Middle East and North Africa Region at the World Bank.

At the World Bank, he led the development of the bank’s “moonshot approach” for the Middle East and Africa which aims to achieve full internet and digital payment connectivity.

He championed the agenda on fair competition, data and transparency to empower and unlock the potential of the region’s youth.

Arezki started his career at the International Monetary Fund as an Economist and became the Chief of the Commodities and Environment Unit in the Research Department. provided leadership on IMF’s rapid response to the historical collapse in oil prices that started in 2014..

He is a senior fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, an external Research Associate at the Oxford University, UK, a research fellow at the CESifo, a global independent research network.

Mr Arezki is also a resource person for the African Economic Research Consortium and a Research Fellow at the Economic Research Forum. He has been a non-resident Fellow at the Brookings Institute, USA.


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