10 Unwritten Social Rules Everyone Should Follow

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It is no dispute that man is a social animal and therefore must exist and associate freely with others wherever and however they like. However, this freedom is not absolute as association should come with rules and regulations guiding it to ensure a civil society.

There exist certain social etiquettes that are unwritten and undocumented but everyone is expected to know and follow them to make any society look saner and civil.

Below are a few;

1. Cover Your Mouth When Sneezing Or Coughing: This is something that is thought from the first day ever in school to the university. Still some people find it ok to just open their mouth and let out a chunk of bacteria and mucus right in front of a crowd when they sneeze or cough, that is not cool at all! Even in the face of the current pandemic the world is battling with and all the sensitisation going on, people still find their way into a crowd and sneeze freely without caution or restraint.

2. Do Not Spit In Front Of A Person On The Street Or Anywhere At All: You could just be walking down the street or road and someone in front of you will just cough up a mouth full of spit or catarrh and splash it right in front of you. The nice ones will use their legs to try and rub it off but still it’s an eyesore for the moment. If you are fond of this, please stop. It’s not nice at all.

3. Don’t Yell On The Phone In Public: You are inside the bus, returning home after a long day at work and someone picks up the phone and begins to shout as if they are the only person in the world with problems. People do it everywhere, at the bar, on the street, at the bus stop, in a party etc. If you are going to yell on the phone, at least you excuse yourself and walk away where no one will hear you.

4. When You Are At Someone’s Place And They Say “It’s Getting Late” Or “I Have A Lot To Do Tomorrow” Please Take Your leave: When you go visiting a friend or family and they hint at you that it is getting late or they have a hectic day tomorrow. That should tell you they need to rest, sleep or be left alone. Respect yourself and leave, you can always visit another time.

5. If You Must Urinate In Public, Find Somewhere A Little Private, Don’t Just Let Out Your Privates To Everyone’s Full Glare: The people that are most guilty of this are the men and the older women. You will be walking down the street, minding your business and when you turn left or right, you will see a young man flinging his penis as though he wants to completely drain himself of all body liquid not minding who is watching. The older women will just rush to an open corner and open everything for whoever cares to see. Please that is not a pleasant sight at all, you are sexually harassing us all.

6. The Perfume Is Meant To Be Sprayed, Not Bath: A lot of people do not understand the fact that perfumes are meant to be discovered and not announced. Some others do not realise that perfumes have concentration levels and they are supposed to use it accordingly, they come out smelling so strong like grinded onions. In as much as people like a nice smelling person, they definitely don’t want to get choked on it, be guided!

7. You Don’t Have To Shout To Air Your Opinion And Respect People’s Opinion: When making your point or airing your opinion on a subject matter, you don’t have to shout to make others accept it. Shouting doesn’t make it sound better or more intelligent, rather it makes you appear uncivilized and mannerless. Besides there is a reason why it is called opinion, it is a personal thought or reasoning. Even if it is wrong, you don’t have to crucify the person for it, respect it and calmly educate them if need be.

8. If You Are Going To Use a Public Transport, At Least Dress Moderately: Have you ever been in a situation where you have dressed at your best, on whites to attend that party or appointment you have long prepared for. You take the bus and sit at a corner, the bus stops to pick another passager only for a dirty and black oil stained mechanic to join you and to make matters worse they force themself very close to you. A lady wearing almost nothing joins the bus and sits tightly close to you, making you feel very uncomfortable. Please if you are going to use your car, you can dress however you want but if you are going to use a public Transport, please respect yourself and dress accordingly.

9. Everyone Has Their Personsl Space, Maintain A Reasonable Distance When talking To People: You don’t have to speak directly into someone’s mouth to talk to them. They will still hear you from 2meters away. They don’t have to perceive what you ate few minutes ago. Respect people’s private space even if they are your good friend.

10. Dont Yell Someone’s Name On The Street: Please this one is a no! no!! No matter how acquainted you’re to the person or what you have to say to them, walk up to him or her and begin your conversation. Shouting and yelling someone’s name on the street is rude and embarrassing. It also makes you look like a tout or street urchin. Please avoid it!

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