Chelsea Crown Liverpool By Beating Man City

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Counting on the manner and zeal in which they play with the round leather currently; dominating every game in possession and chances, forcing opponent to concede goals even when they hate it, is captivating to all including those who hate them but have to love them for what they do best. That is the situation with Manchester City. Hence, Chelsea supporters (including me) who are nervous believed it was not possible for The Citizens to lose to The Blues tonight but it was surprisingly the later who surrendered to the former, and indirectly crowned The Reds after 30 years of EPL title bid.

It was Christian Pulisic who opened the scorelsheet at the 36th minutes when he beautifully and skillfully tapped and curled an ellipse passed Ederson Santana de Moraes. At 55th minutes, The Sky Blues’ mildfielder, Kevin Debruyne replied the call from Pulisic and they were levelled.

At that point, it was clear to many that the match will either end in favour of Manchester City or they settle for a draw-not knowing what Fermandiho had in mind for City? So, to strengthen the win, Willian converted the opportunity creatted by Fernandiho into a second goal (77), and now, The Reds are the Champions of English Football.

Source: Sky Sports

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