Surprises As Arsenal and Arteta Ignored The Mistakes To Extend Luiz’s Contract

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While some Arsenal fans were still complaining of the blunder committed by the former Chelsea defender in their last match, the management went ahead to gift him with a fresh 12-month contract and now, those who were furious about it have not sacked Mikel Arteta only because they don’t really have such powers.

David Luiz hasn’t been a proper footballer for about three years,” lambasted former midfielder Emmanuel Petit. “But I’m not surprised that he has been given a new contract at Arsenal, because I’ve been very disappointed in relation to the club’s activity in the transfer market. “To be honest, it’s a joke. Find some proper defenders. Are you telling me there are no young talented defenders on the market? I just don’t get it.” That view is shared by many, but there is one very important person at Arsenal whose opinion differs drastically to the likes of Petit, and that is Arteta.


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