Is It Not High Time We Stopped Wearing Masks? Klopp To The Government.

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Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager has criticised England’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, revealing he feels like an alien for continuing to take it seriously. Irrespective of how hard the pandemic has hit Italy and Spain, the United Kingdom struggled to prepare for the virus with over 300,000 confirmed cases and 42,000 deaths to date, the Red’s Manager is of the opinion that it is high time those in the football business are allowed to relax the coronavirus control measures just like everyone in the streets.

According to him, he feels different (sometimes been the only one wearing mask in the street), but so as not to annoy the government by going against the pandemic preventive measures, he has no other choice than wear it. In his words, “From a personal point of view, I don’t understand why we started wearing face masks in closed areas on June 15 when five or six weeks ago all the other countries were doing it.


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