7 Attitudes That Will Keep You Poor Forever

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Not everyone will eventually become rich and everybody can not be a billionaire all at once. However, we can all have 3 square meal to eat, a decent house to live and good clothes to wear.

Sometimes it may be the economy, the government or simply a bad world etc. Poverty also is greatly dependent on our mentality, how we choose to think and the decisions we choose to make as an individual.

Below are seven attitudes that can ensure one stays poor forever even if you were born into all the money in the world.

1. Addictions(Gambling, Drugs, Alcohol): One of the surest ways to ensure you stay poor forever is to pick up an addiction in gambling, drugs and alcohol. They have a way of blocking proper cognitive thinking, preventing you from thinking straight therefore making bad decisions always. You make a little cash, you are under influence and impulse to spend it on them, they don’t only mess with your finances, they also make sure to mess your entire life up.

2. Pessimism And Negative Thoughts: You always have a bad feeling about everything, maybe it’s a past experience or you have stayed poor just long enough to keep telling yourself you can’t do it. You use the phrases “I can’t”, “it won’t work” , “I am tired” etc. For you, everything is self defeating, you assume negatively and keep wandering in the past. Keep going, abject poverty awaits you!

3. Inability To Save And Wrong Financial Choices: Any money you make, you spend. According to you, your income is too small to save, you are waiting until you get a raise and start earning big before you save. When you do eventually manage to save up, you spend all on your wants instead of needs. You engage in frivolity and acquire things to make you look sleek instead of investing to make more money. Continue, poverty is ahead!

4. Bad Friends And Bad Motivations: Keeping the wrong company doesn’t only just make you pick up bad attitudes, it also makes you waste useful time and you either get no motivation at all or you end up with the wrong ones. Instead of being at the right place and at the right time, doing something productive, you are at the wrong place, receiving the wrong advices and consequently making wrong decisions.

5. Giving Up Too Quickly: Becoming successful requires tenacity, doggednes, persistence, readiness to go the extra mile to achieve your dreams and the determination to follow through on a life changing decision. This is something most poor people lack and if you have an ambition to become poor, all you need do is lack them too.

6. Procrastination And Laziness: You are either too soft, too tired or too sad to do anything right now so you prefer to push it to a later time which will ensure you forget it or end up not doing it altogether. You do not want to do small jobs, dirty jobs or anything hard. You like the easy way out in everything and when it appears tough, you postpone it and take to your heels. You also enjoy sleeping a lot, infact if sleeping was a talent, you would be the world best. Keep it up, you are almost there!

7. No Concern For Health/ Lack of Birth Control: You don’t take your health seriously, always buying drugs from hawkers, delaying treatment even when symptoms are showing vividly, eating unhygienic food etc. Finally when you fall sick, you will have no choice but to spend all your money to save yourself, penny wise pound foolish! You say children comes from God, so you keep producing them like a biscuit factory, even when your income can barely take care of 4. In your mind you feel that giving birth to more children will increase the chance of one of them becoming rich. Continue, you will eventually end up poor and miserable with plenty of mouths to feed.

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