6 Things You Should Never Rush To Do In Life

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We live in fast times, fast cars, fast phones, high speed internet, time saving gadgets/appliances and suddenly it seems humans have permanently adjusted to fast living. Anything that waste more than permitted time becomes annoying. If the speed of the network delays 3 seconds more we want a new SIM.

Take it easy, I do not mean it in a bad way. After all life is short and why waste unnecessary and precious time doing something when we have a faster option available.

However there are certain things we must take time and think through before doing in life else we will regret our actions later and waste more time trying to fix it if it does not ruin us.

Below are six of them:

1. Heavy Financial decisions/ Investment: Ok let’s say you are being introduced to an investment or business idea which seems lucrative or you have saved up for some time and thinking of what to do with the cash. You should take your time to think your decision through and thorough before jumping to action. Once you spend wrongly, you may never get back completely, that is if you recover any at all.

2. Sex: Yes! Why rush one of the most pleasurable acts and experiences of humans. Unless it’s very important and you have to unavoidably go, you should always take your time to explore, try out fun things and create good sexual memories with your partner. Sexual frustration and dissatisfaction have created serious relationship and life problems that sometimes even became grave.

3. Marriage: Enough have been said about this already but sometimes it seems it is falling on deaf ears. People meet, fall in love (or so they think), then boom! They are married! One year down the line, it seems they met one version and married a different one entirely. Actually its same person and same version of them, you were just impatient enough to wait and see it before deciding. Let’s not go into details of wrong life partner or bad marriage, rush into one and see a live demonstration.

4. Big Decisions: You are to decide if you should relocate abroad or stay back, go for a masters or accept a job offer, keep the pregnancy or terminate it etc. One thing about big decisions is that it leaves you tomorrow blind and you are left with only the temptations of today. Take your time, think it through, not all that glitter is gold. What seems best today may become worst tomorrow and what appears bad now may become tears of joy the next minute.

5. Promise: A promise is a debt. Yes! Whatever you pledged to do or give hangs around your neck and becomes a commitment. Refusing or unable to fulfill it depletes trust, makes you look mischievous and may even become trouble. Never be in a hurry to make promises no matter how small or easy it seems, sometimes you never know easy or small until you try doing. Avoid making promises when you are over joyed either, you could be held to debt for pledging what you said without thinking.

6. Passing Judgement: Avoid judging others and situations in a hurry, you never know what they have been through and why they have had to do what they did. Do not be in a hurry to condemn someone without hearing their own side if the story. Resist being in a rush to judge anyone based on hearsay or gossip. If you are to mediate for a problem between two or more, don’t rush to judgement based on a sympathetic story from one side. You may regret your condemnation or judgement when you get to know the other person or hear the flip side to the story.

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