7 Things To Remember When Going Through Difficulties

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You are currently going through a hard phase in your life right now, it seems the world is crashing down your feet. Nothings seems to excite you anymore, nothing is working either and suddenly it seems life is particularly unfair to you. Cheer up! There is light at the end of the tunnel, trouble can only last the night but with the dawn comes new joy. While it’s still dark, keep these 7 things in mind;

1) Nothing Lasts Forever: Yes! Nothing ever does. No matter how long the problem lingers, all you need to do is stay strong and keep pushing, one day it will reach its expiry and you will be free. Do not give up, do not fall into depression, take it a step at a time and do all you dare in those time. Bit by bit you will surely overcome and someday you will tell the story and be an inspiration to others. It can only last a while.

2) You Are Not Alone: Though is seems life has singled you out amongst your peers, friends or family to punish. There are thousands if not millions others going through same or similar situation as yours. Some are worse than yours and some maybe better. Many others have passed through that same problem and came out victorious. A lot of people have fought through their own difficulties too and they are doing great now. Just hold on, you are not alone, others won, you will too.

3) You Are Learning And Reforming: Sometimes the way you view problems determines how you come out of it. It may be huge, it may be biting hard, seeing it as a learning and training process will go a long way to strengthen your resolve the more and you may come out of it faster and stronger than you imagined. What if its trying to teach you some valuable life lessons? What if its forging you for a bigger challenge ahead? You should come out of it gaining a thing or two, only then your victory is complete.

4) Every Disappointment Is A blessing: Not getting what you had wanted or hoped for sometimes can turn out to be a good thing in the end. Fate is tricky sometimes, it may deny you one thing just to hand you a better one ahead. It may make you loose something you so much desired, just to save you from a bigger problem tomorrow. Not all we desire that we really need or can handle. If you so much wanted something or worked very hard for it and ended up not getting it, don’t get too sad. Its might just be fate, what is ahead may be better.

5) Be Kind To Yourself: Yes! Even with all the problems in the world, you deserve a little treat. A little laughter, a little rest, a little self praise, just a little fun, will go a long way to ease things up. The world revolves around problems, yours won’t be the end of it. Opportunities for a little joy and happiness in your life should not be taken for granted, you need it for a clearer mind and body so you can fight on and think well. Nothing beats a nice outing, a good meal and a sound sleep, just to wake up the next morning with a clear head able to reason clearly and devise better solutions.

6) Forget What Others Think: You already have enough to worry about as it is, for you to be adding up external negativities to it. Forget about what people say or will say, what people think or will think. Thier thoughts or words wont solve your problems and concentrating on them wont help either. Whatever you feel is right and will help your case, do it anyway. You can’t let your problems weigh you down because of what people will say. Even if you don’t do anything, they will still think and say. You are your own solution and all that matters is you.

7) There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For: True, you are going through difficulties and it is really telling on you, but wishing, desiring and demanding all the time shouldn’t always be your case. Remember that there are people you are better than, no matter what. Be thankful for the things you have and have gotten, that way more will come. No matter how small you get, no matter how little you are given, be grateful about it, some got none at all. If not for anything, that you are alive, able to see, walk, eat, talk, laugh is enough. All some people wish is for one of these. Be thankful, appreciation inspires you to work harder and may attract even more.

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