Covid-19: The Revolution We Have Long Waited For?

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It appears the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is the revolution many African nations have been waiting for. It has exposed the political class (who failed to develop our local health systems & right now can’t travel abroad for foreign medical vacations) and religious charlatans who perform all sorts of stunts in the name of miracles but can’t seem to perform a miracle cure for the virus since it reached Africa. People, don’t let this period go to waste.

This is the period churches should come forward and reach out to the poor populace in the little way they can. Even if its sharing hand sanitizers, gloves, face mask, food items and the sorts. It is time to give back to society and not the usual milking of members to build mansions and buy private jets. Reach out! You can’t always take and take from the members. They can’t keep paying bills for your lazy ass. They’ve paid enough bills for your lazy lots. Its time to reach out to them even if its the least you can do. Holy ghost fire won’t solve this one.

Faith won’t solve this one either, neither will seed sowing. Even if you haven’t won a single soul throughout your ministration as an alleged Pastor/Bishop. Even if you haven’t impacted in anyone’s life, even if you haven’t truly represented the body of Christ but your selfish desires. If all this while you’ve been serving your selfish interests and massaging your own ego via self gratifications; this is the time to redeem yourself by reaching out.

Now is the time to make up for all of your hypocrisy and deceitful shenanigans. Don’t just collect offering, seed, tithe and others, help the needy and less privileged among your congregation who may find it difficult to make it through the economic hardship the pandemic is causing due to restrictions in movement and lockdown. Atleast people can stop seeing you as a fraud (yahoo) minister or Bishop that you are and feel a beam of goodness in you for once.

Originally written by: Sunday Nduka Okedinma

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