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A lot of times we have this urge to keep up with friends and society, follow their activities and trends, use their steps to know how much of a progress we are making in life. We compare ourselves and our achievements with our peers just to see how good or poor we are doing, this helps us to know if we should put in more effort at what we do, work harder and find other ways to do better or just maintain our tempo the way it is.

Comparing oneself with others has its advantages no doubt, however we should also learn that we all do not have the same grace and luck at same times. We all have our individual paths and patterns to follow and whilst one may be working so good for one at a time, it may not be so for another. It may get flipped tomorrow and it begins to work very good for the later and not so good anymore for the former.

Some become financially self sufficient very early in life, some have to wait a little longer and some a little more. Even with the same amount of hardwork, smart work and intelligence, it will not all work out same time for everyone, hence different timeline for different folks.

Therefore it’s ok to be married at 22 if that works for you and it’s also ok not to be married at 35. If you can buy a car at 20, fine! A good thing it is working out that early for you. It’s also fine not to be able to afford one at 40. You have you own house at 25, great! You still manage a mini apartment at 45, fine! Keep working hard and keep persevering, all things will work out in it’s own time.

Finally, never let anyone push you into following their own timeline. Do things at your own pace and time, only when it’s ok with you. He who wears the shoes knows where it pinches the most. Sometimes the resources to do things may not be the problem but being mentally ready for it. Besides our responsibilities from our different backgrounds are different. Do not be pushed into following other’s timeline, creating comparisons and competition that should never exist in the first place. Follow your own timeline and do things only when you are ready for it, this way you have a complete control of your life and the way it should go.

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