Once In A While, Do Something Crazy!

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A lot of people are afraid to live their lives to the fullest, do something out of the ordinary, have fun and do something crazy. They have set rules and imaginary boundaries for themselves and they follow these principles always and through out thier lifes, living a definite patterned life.

There is nothing wrong with living a principled and planned out straight life. Probably that may be your personality or just the way you were brought up from childhood. It is not wrong to have home training and feel the need to contain your life to it. However if you follow your definite patter all through, what memory would you have of your youth at your old age?

Being organised and living a life of such is good albeit too much of everything is also bad! Yes, too much of good is bad sometimes. A little bad is needed to create the fun sometimes and add a little of colour to things. Once in a while, do something crazy, create memories you would cherish later, in the end, that is the only thing we truly own in this world and that is the only thing that follows us to the grave, every other thing stays behind.

Go wild, try that bad move out, do something stupid every once in a while. Go on adventures, pump some adrenaline into your heart, spend that money till you are satisfied. Create time for yourself and use it like your are a toddler, grabbing anything and everything. Create problems and solve them, move out of your regular pattern, that girl that feels out of reach or out of your league, walk up to her and ask her out, be sure to remember her response, it will make you laugh someday.

We only get one chance to live and that chance is a short one if you ask me. Do not deny your life a chance to have fun, do something stupid and create funny memories. Then you grow old, see younger ones doing so, you feel angry, left out and used up. Only make sure you stay out of real trouble while having your fun. Don’t just pass through life, let life also pass through you. Your old self will thank your young self for it.

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