2 Virtues That Defines Us In Situations

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The way we think, act, behave or carry ourselves in any situation is what defines how we come out of the situation. Life throws different stones at us at different times, some are good fortune while some are unfortunately bad. How we handle the stone and the condition it brings is what then defines us together with the situation.

Patience When We Have Nothing

Patience is a very important and underated virtue anyone can have. It cuts across all situations and condition, no matter what you are facing or going through, how many times you may have tried, patience is key to perseverance which then proves you worthy enough to getting what you want. In poverty or abject lack patience is as importance as breaking free itself.

How have you been coping? Are you doing all you can, working hard with determination and patiently waiting for your opportunity to come? Or have the condition gotten to you so bad you have thrown caution to the wind and joined crime just to break free? Have you soiled your hands in the name defeating poverty?

Patience, endurance, Hardwork, determination, consistency, perseverance and prayer is all you need. It defines you and stands you out even with nothing. Be patient and follow due diligence, a little while longer and it will all be worth it and you will cherish and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

Attitude When We Have Everything

Another virtue that defines us is our attitude when we have gotten everything we prayed and worked for. So you imbibed patience, persevered, worked hard in determination and prayed ceaselessly for your situation to change. Finally it did, you are getting all you ever wanted and the attention, ovation and reverence that comes with it.

How have your attitude been so far? Do still see humans as humans, do you still have regard for people and speak respectfully to people? Are you still that humble guy people know? What about your old friends and family, how have you helped or affected thier lives with your new found wealth? Do you assume that others who are still struggling are lazy? Do you give alms?

It’s one thing to make money and another thing to keep a cool and level head to be able to handle the money, the attention and temptation that comes with it. Just anyone can stumble upon money, but how many can manage it and manage thier attitude alongside? It is important you check your attitude since becoming rich and see if people still recognise you and your character.

Have you become everyone’s commander? Have you upgraded yourself into a small unapproachable god? It is important you ask yourself these questions because if you somehow fall, you will still go back to same people. You wouldn’t like them reminding you of how you treated them when you had it all.

Finally, check yourself and see how you have coped in your current situation. Take steps in adjusting rightly, this way our situations wont define us, rather we define it.

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