Love, Lust, Sex And Relationships: Love

Previously I have talked about sex and lust in detail and what they could do. Today I want to talk about love.


Love is defined as a deep or strong feeling of affection or attraction towards somebody or something. If the love is romantic, the attraction will include sexual desire. The word love can be used widely to include feelings that exist in other forms of relationship like blood relations, friends, coworkers and that which exist between God and man.

It is an an umbrella word that covers both sex and lust. Even though sex and lust exists as independent feelings of their own, they do also exist in love. When someone falls truly in love with you, they also will lust over you and desire to have sex with you. That is what makes the relationship romantic in the first place. Love is a feeling of it’s own and it does not need lust and sex to begin or exist but it will need them in the long term to keep flaming and become stronger.

Without sex, erotic love may not survive time and will eventually diminish. Sex and lust are an integral part of love. However, they are not the central feeling or driving force for it. When someone truly loves you, you come first. They are more concerned about your welfare, emotions, life goals and dreams, your future and building a life with you. Rather than just lusting over you and desiring you just for sexual pleasure.

Love is kind, patient, enduring, selfless, caring, affectionate, truthful, unconditional and the feeling tend to last a lifetime. Even after breakup and several years gone, there still will be a soft spot for them in you. Love mostly gives and doesn’t take much. It is that feeling that makes one want to spend the rest of their life with you even after seeing all your flaws and foolishness.

Though it is hard to tell the difference between love and lust in the early stages of relationships, since love is first driven by physical attraction, a surge of hormones and the urge to be physically closer to the person, but so is also lust! However, love stands firm over time while lust diminishes and fades away as time progresses especially after getting what it came for. Love is not violent, self centred, malicious, grudge bearing, lying and conditional.

When someone claims to love you and displays any of the above tendencies, you should run, that is not love. Due to the intense feeling, sacrifices and passion that accompanies love, it is easy to get deeply hurt and depressed especially when things go wrong. Love is headache and also comes with responsibility, reason why it is not for the immature. Sometimes the ones we love don’t have sense or chooses to keep their sense aside for some reason, so we have to be thier sense also. Love is a full time job and a hectic one at that and that is why any heart that claims to love will should never have a space for two.

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