Love, Lust, Sex And Relationships: Lust

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Earlier I listed the four words above, explained how people often confuse or misunderstand them and talked about sex extensively. Today I would like to talk about lust.


Lust is a very strong feeling of sexual desire towards the opposite sex. Lust also forms part of love but is clearly different from love. On the surface, lust almost always appears as love and people often confuse both feelings. However beyond the surface, it is a clear selfish and naked desire to get sexual gratification from someone, irrespective of thier own feelings.

Lust is not entirely a bad feeling if partners involved have an understanding of it and feels same way. If they both lust for each other, then they can satisfy thier selfish desires without anyone getting hurt or feeling used. However, this is mostly not the case as most people who seek for love, tend to easily get deceived by partners who simply just lust after them. In the beginning they come as love but with time it becomes clear that they are more interested in the body than the personality.

Lust can be very intense and passionate, hence it is easy to confuse with love and the difference may be hard to tell at first. Simply put, when the person’s body is far more attractive and important than thier person or soul then you can be sure its lust. It’s tricky because when we fall in love, we often find that person physically attractive or sexually appealing. However, lust is different because it is a self centred feeling that is entirely based on physical satisfaction and sexual gratification. It is a feeling that is temporary and based on the moment.

Lust is selfish, insatiable, inconsiderate and sometimes violent. It is that feeling that makes people lie, cheat, deceive, manipulate, disrespect, flirt carelessly, crave endlessly and take off when it’s time for responsibility. It never considers the feeling of the other person or the damage that is being done. It is that feeling that can make someone become violent and hateful simply because they were rejected or thier advances where turned down. It is that same feeling that can make one beat up his or her partner and still forcefully have sex with them. It is also that feeling that makes one date another for years, manipulating and using them for sexual satisfaction. Whenever pregnancy comes, they opt for abortion and when it’s time for marriage, they chicken out.

Lust is a feeling that gets or collects but avoids giving. It is that feeling that is present and strong when the partner is sexy and disappears when they begin to loose the sexy. It can’t wait to get satisfied and when it seems the relationship is taking too long for sex to happen, they disappear. It is more emotional before or during the act and less emotional afterwards. Lust is physical, love is everything, learn the difference!

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  1. Pdreamz says:

    Can lust eventually lead to love?
    It happened to me but I can’t figure it out cuz the whole feelings and desire is becoming complicated.

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