You Don’t Need A New Year To Start Over

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At the beginning of every new year, people take several decisions and make several promises to themselves to turn a new leaf, stop a particular attitude they had in the previous year, fight an addiction they have struggled with previously or become a better person in general. Others set several targets for themselves, enumerate goals they want to achieve in the new year etc. They call all these, new year resolutions.

They struggle to keep to these promises the first few weeks of the year. By the time its first week of February, most people have forgotten about the promises and goals and reverted back to thier old self or ways. Only about a handful of them drag it into the second quarter of the year and everything dies there still. Maybe one or two somehow manages to keep to their word and imbibes true change.

Since the inception of the earth, days have been the same. Composing of 24 hours with day and night, sunlight, humid cold weather, harmattan, or rainfall, it has never changed. Days change into weeks, weeks into month and months into years with rainy or dry seasons. This pattern has remained the same for centuries and they don’t change because it’s new year.

Therefore basically the days, months and years remains the same, nothing new and nothing changes except the numbers that count them. Now, I am not saying celebrating a new calendar year is bad, I do celebrate it too. I am not also saying that making new year resolutions with the celebration is wrong, No! But what is the point of making resolutions without first resolving the conflict in your mindset, only to renege a few days later.

Finally, you do not need a new day, month or year to change your life, your ways or to start again, all you need is a new mindset. If you do not first change your mindset, the way you think or reason, you will still be your old self, just a bunch of promises to massage your ego for the first few weeks. You can’t do things differently, thinking the way you have been thinking in the previous years. If you want to truly change for the better, change the way you reason, the way you see things, the perspective to which you view people and ideas. Then it will slowly start manifesting in your character and actions. That is true resolution. Overhaul your entire mindset and you will experience the difference in your life, think about it.

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