Leave Your Comfort Zone!

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Lights Poxlietner, a Canadian female musician once said: “You have to be uncomfortable in order to be successful, in some ways. If you stay in your comfort zone! You would never do the things that you need to do.” When we become too comfortable at a place or position, we actually stop growing and when that happens, mediocrity becomes our new partner.

What mediocrity does is that it makes you feel too complacent of the little things you have achieved in the past. It leaves you dreaming and wallowing in the feeling of satisfaction the you have done all you can and probably done enough. Feeling satisfied with one’s self and achievements is not bad but allowing the feeling to prevent you from seeing other possibilities and consequently limiting your abilities to do more makes it bad.

No matter how successful you have become or what you have managed to achieve, there is a whole lot of endless possibilities out there. There is a million more you can do and there is no limit to your greatness. Dangote did not become the richest man in Africa by feeling complacent of his initial accomplishments. Even as he has attained such heights, he is still looking for new ideas, he keeps daring to undertake even bigger projects and break new financial records.

The greatest enemy to success is complacency and mediocrity. You stop growing when you feel too comfortable with where you are. Try new things, dare yourself to do greater things. If you are at level 7, try 8, if you get bigger and more challenging offers, take it. Do not underate yourself and your abilities, you do not know what you are capable of, until you have tried.

Change locality, move out of that house where you are given three square meal for free. Try a new job, see if you can be successful with other businesses as you are with your current one. Learn some new skills to see if you can make more professional handicrafts. Keep raising the limit for yourself and setting a new goal each time. Even if you fail, you will learn from it and be more experienced for the next try. Never get too comfortable at a position or place for that is the perfect ingredient for mediocrity and failure!

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