If You Want To Change Your world, Start From Yourself!

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A lot of people complain about the state of the nation today and by extension, the state of the world. They complain of anything and everything, the hardship, economic situation, difficulty in making ends meet and how they are barely surviving. They blame the government for a lot of things, bad governance, ruining the economy and making life difficult for everyone, bad infrastructure and insecurity etc.

They are actually right. The government is responsible for making life easier for it’s people, improving the economy therefore making it easier to survive and make ends meet. They also should put up the necessary infrastructure to make life easier for the masses and secure lives and properties. However in this part of the world, it seems like we are cursed with the wrong leaders always.

Are we really cursed or are we the curse? Every four years we get yet another chance to change our leaders and select people who would make life better for us all but instead of doing that as a people, we collect little gifts from dubious politicians and vote them into power while there are people and more intelligent candidates yearning for our attention. Who is actually the problem?

Change is a slow but necessary process which must begin with us as individuals. If you want to change the world around you, you first start by changing yourself. You can not change the world at once, no one can. If we change ourselves, individually, know the right thing to do and do it rightly at the best time for it, soon we will have a community of changed people and before you know it the entire country is affected and changed. No one will take us for granted anymore and we get to decide our destiny and how we want it to end.

Tyranny persists when the people permits. Rigging is possible because the people allows it. Ask yourself, who are the ones used as an instrument to perpetuate tyranny and rigging? People like me and you, yet they join us to complain after the leaders they helped assumes power.

Change begins from me and you, if you want true change, start with yourself. Change yourself and let your nearest neighbour do so too. Let the disease spread and let’s have a world of changed people. Untill we change ourself nothing will change around us. Leave ethnicity behind, drop your religious sentiments, forget geo-political locations, avoid emotional choices, use your human self and conscience and do the right thing. Untill then the world will remain as it is. Change yourself!

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