If You Must Fly, Give Up Everything That Weighs You Down

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A little bird that wants to fly high and swift must not soak itself in water and oil, this is the situation with most of our youths today. We have ambitions, dream so big, aspire to be like Dangote and the others, but in reality we have soaked our feathers not just in water but oil and tied ourselves to weights that constantly pulls us down on any attempt.

It is ok to dream of cruising at high altitudes, but check to see the birds at that height, see that no matter how huge they are, they keep their feathers dry and clean from any thing that could weigh it down or make it difficult for it to swing freely. Learn from the birds and check yourself to see if you have drenched and tied your wings to weights all these while, then start taking steps to untie yourself and dry up.

Gambling, alcoholism, womanizing, getting high on anything, cultism, thuggery, partying and clubbing excessively, addiction to social media, prostitution( “runs girl”), gossip, bad planning, spending more than you earn and living above your means, show off etc which of these have you drenched yourself in and which of them have you tied your feathers to, that has been making your feathers so heavy and dragging you back all these years?

If you must fly, you must give up anything and everything that weighs you down, take the painstaking and rough road to success. Rome was not built in one day and not every city must be like Rome. Bill Gates, Dangote and the rest of them did not just become billionaires overnight and not everyone will be a billionaire.

However, if we all free ourselves from our unnecessary loads, work hard and and plan over time, we will at least get somewhere, become independent and not be a problem to others. You can not be dreaming of becoming rich while every little money you make goes into gambling, drinking, women and all. Free yourself and fly!

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