Want To Change Your Life? Change Your Priorities!

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Life is a combination of one’s everyday activity. The things we do or go through everyday is what forms and shapes our life. Every morning when we wake up, we pursue the things that are important to us for that day. These things form our priorities and they make up our life, success and progress.

A lot of persons want to be successful but the things they do everyday which forms thier priorities are that which leads to failure. Priorities is also time dependent, doing important things at the right time is underated. If as at when you are supposed to be in secondary school, you chose to play out your life, instead taking your studies seriously, you made play your priority, your future begins to take the wrong turn from there.

You can not be dreaming of becoming a millionaire and instead of working hard, planning your life, doing the right things at the right time, you chose to lazy around, while away time, get high or drunk, party every time, spend time with ladies and waste away every little money you make. You will end up poor with a lot of regrets.

If you want to change your life, take a look at those things you make important and compulsory in your life, those things that you do first and every day that takes a way the chunk of your time, money and reasoning. Change them and make other useful and productive things your priority and you will see positive changes in your life.

Use your time wisely and judiciously, if you are supposed to be in school, be there and make it your priority. If you are supposed to be learning a handiwork or trade, be there and make it your priority. Not doing what you ought to do, at the phase of your life you ought to do it, will push your life to a bad path. Watch the things you make your priorities and plan your life accordingly. Once you change your priorities at anytime you have changed your life, either for food or for bad. The choice is yours!

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