Don’t Leave A True Relationship For A Few Faults

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Relationships are a whole lot of headache, sometimes not because partners want it to be that way, but because we are just humans with a lot of imperfections. We sometimes hurt the ones we cherish not because we want to see them hurt but because it’s in human nature to err from time to time.

As humans we come bundled with several faults with everyone struggling with his or her own unique character flaws. These flaws are not always our making, sometimes it’s the complexity of our environment, other times its upbringing. Traits hardcoded in our DNA also plays it’s part and many other times it’s just the human nature.

Therefore no one is born perfect and no one has ever grown to be. If you are in a true relationship with mutual respect and love, do not leave your partner based on fractions of shortcomings in thier character. It may or may not be thier fault and you may have tried severally to put them right, however, it is not easy to just change or stop doing something one grew up doing. It takes time and sometimes it never goes away.

If thier faults or mistakes does not portray or indicate a potential danger, either immediately or in the future, Forgive and try correcting or fixing them. If the correction is not working, learn to live with it and overlook it completely. Do not judge others or walk away for thier mistakes, you may end up alone and not realising that you are also not perfect. It may hurt, but learn to forgive and put things right. In the end affection will always be greater than perfection. Cherish the love you share and mould it to withstand the test of heat, time and character flaws.

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