Once You Learn From It, It Is No Longer Failure

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In life there are two outcomes to an endeavor, project, trial or action, it’s either you win, pass, get it right or you lose, fail or get it wrong. If you get it right, there is the praise, prize and ovation for being a winner and if you get it wrong, the blames and regrets set in.

The statement above is actually a loser’s way of seeing things and hence you continue to see it this way, you may continue to lose. Viewing actions and outcomes from this black and white perspective leaves one with nothing else but sadness, hatred for oneself and regrets. This consequently pushes you into the blame and excuse game, you begin to blame everybody and everything for your failure and finding excuse to exonerate yourself and boost your ego.

For the habitual winners, there are only two outcomes to a project or attempt, you either win or you learn. No attempt is a waste, each one teaches you how to make a better attempt at winning, you get to learn were your faults are, what your weaknesses and strengths are. You learn a practical lesson of what you ought to do and what you ought not. This should then encourage you to go back and put the lessons into work, practice, plan and restrategise for your next attempt.

There should be no room for regrets in life, just lessons learnt and if you put the lesson into proper work, you should be on the winning path. Watch the winner and discover what they did right, learn from your failures, if not for yourself, to teach others and help them avoid same mistakes. Once you have learnt from it, it is no longer failure. Only make sure you don’t learn same lesson twice and you are on your way to winning. Don’t regret, learn from your unsuccessful attempts.

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