One Fake Friend Is More Dangerous Than Ten Enemies

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If you have never had a friend betray you, you may never understand this article completely. If you are lucky to have true friends, who have stuck with you over the years, good or bad and have never back bitten or spread falsehood about you then you probably don’t know what life has done for you.

Someone can actually be your friend for years, pretend to love you, eat from same plate with you, share clothes with you, cry and laugh with you, share secrets with you and even do other crazy things side by side with you. You will grow used to being around them, get fond of them, trust them and call them blood, all the while you will never suspect they are envious of you. All they need is the perfect situation to trigger them and they will empty their venom in you and leave you for dead.

The most dangerous thing about fake friends is that they know you too well. They are so all over you and everywhere around you. You trust them with your life and never suspect a thing, you will even go ahead to cut off anyone who says shit about them. They have access to both your back, where you can’t see them act and your front where you are looking right at them but can’t see anything, so they understand you well enough to know how best to bring you down without your suspicion.

Enemies are far better than fake friends, at least you know them and thier tricks. You know how to dudge the stones they throw at you and they even teach you a thing or two about life. Your enemies will even go as far as force teaching you how to be strong and fend for yourself thus making you a better person. If your respect yourself well enough, you may never clash with them until you path ways and if somehow you manage to convert them into your friend, they stay true to the end.

One fake friend is more dangerous and deadlier than even ten enemies. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer, you never know when they will come handy. Beware of the people you call friends and know them well enough to let your whole world open for them, many have been tamed and maimed by thier friends. You should be more careful when something good and big is coming your way. A word is enough!

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