7 Reasons You Should Drop That Idea Of Revenge

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Revenge is a very tempting urge, someone hurts you badly and walks freely around. You are bitter and depressed, you want to retaliate and give them a dose if their own sting, so they can feel the way you are feeling. You also want to teach them a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry, never to mess with you anymore.

However satisfying you will feel getting back on that person for whatever they have done to you and as anti logic as it may sound, it’s better and more easier to let go of your anger and let life deal with the situation for you. Here are some reasons why you should ditch that idea of revenge:

1)You Won’t Feel Better In The End. You probably think that after retaliating you will feel better, all the pain and hurt you feel will disappear, no. You will end up feeling worse than you felt before the action. Putting others through pain may not be your thing, watching people suffer may end up triggering more depression in you than you had. Studies have also proved that people who take revenge do not feel better after thier action, instead they feel more miserable.

2) You May Hurt Others Who Know Nothing About It. In you bid to get back at someone for doing you wrong, you may end up hurting an innocent person who have no idea of what transpired. Someone else may end up falling right into the trap you have set for another and getting badly hurt.

3) You May Become The Monster You Are Fighting. Yes, in trying to deal with that person or group of persons who may have hurt you, you may thread a path of no return. You may pick up an addiction from it or become used to the idea and before you know it, you start struggling with your own mind. Besides by taking revenge, you are only behaving like those who hurt you, meaning you are not any better than them.

4) It May Backfire. Think about your actions thoroughly before you execute them, you might end up in trouble for what you are about to do. You might get caught and punished severely for your actions therefore putting yourself through more trauma and pain for something you could have let go. Remember an eye for an eye leads to more blindness.

5) Karma Is Still In The Business Of Bitching. Have the maturity to leave all that hurt and hate for karma. Life will eventually deal with your transgressors for you, it may take sometime, but they will eventually reap what they have sown. Do not bother your self with how it will happen, life takes care of it’s own problems. They will get what is coming for them and if you are lucky, you will get to watch.

6) You May Get Caught Up In A Revenge loop. Have you taught of what would happen if after you have revenged, the person decides to also revenge that too? Then you revenge again and he or she retaliates and the loop continues forever. Let it go, don’t get caught up in some dangerous games you are not ready to play.

7) Why waste precious time? Life is too short for you to waste time in trying to get back at others, why don’t you use that time in trying to make yourself happy instead. Move on and leave all that behind, enjoy your life, take time out for yourself, spoil your self a bit, go on vacations etc. Just move on, besides two wrongs never make a right.

So which ever way you think of it or see it, revenge is never worth it, let go and let God deal with it.

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