Lose Your Pride And Let Love Lead

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The adage “pride begets downfall” does not only apply to business or career success, it applies to every life goal you can ever think of. Pride in itself is not entirely a bad thing as it’s presence is necessary for self respect and self worth, in case of bad, abusive or toxic relationships.

However, too much of self worth and an unreasonable overestimation of one’s own superiority in talents, beauty, wealth, rank is what defines pride in the negative way and goes ahead to affect the success of one’s relationship, personal and social life.

So many relationships have not just broken up, but ended badly and bitterly just because partners were too proud to do the right things. So many people are single today simply because thier pride wont let them bend and build a lasting relationship. You hear “I can never do this for a woman”, “I will never do that for a man.” Aunty, Brother sorry o!

Some people feel to big to admit to thier faults, swallow thier pride, say “I am sorry” and find a way to make it up to thier hurt partner. Others feel they must be specially apologised to or that the “I am sorry” came too simple. It has to come with knees on the ground or with some gifts on the hand before they consider accepting.

Furthermore, people sometimes let thier little success get into thier head, they begin to feel they have made it in life. Therefore everybody should worship and glorify them especially thier partner, before they do what they are normally expected of. They disrespect their partner, treat them with contempt simply because they are richer, sometimes going ahead to extend the same attitude to thier partner’s relatives.

Finally, couples or partners should learn to work with love more than they fight with pride. Don’t let your relationship suffer from or die of excessive pride syndrome, admit your fault when you are wrong, say you are sorry and mean it, you wont lose your left bum. Sometimes also learn to accept the apology you never got, overlook trivial things and move ahead. Also apologies come in different ways, some just go ahead to make up for thier misbehaviour, others buy gifts, act sober or start doing all your bidding that period. Learn your partner’s style and stop waiting for special “I am sorry”. Let love lead.

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