Leave Your Comfort Zone And Take That Risk

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Taking a leap into an endeavor which may have a negative or rather devastating outcome is a big and bold decision. If you land right, you get the prize and if you land badly, you bear the pain and loses. For this reason a lot of people shy away from taking risks, but if we do not take risks, we wont know what is on the other side of fear and comfort.

In this current economic dispensation in Nigeria, taking a business risk and landing wrong may deal a more deadly blow than envisaged. However, sometimes without risks, you can’t get that big break you are looking for. We can’t always sit on the side of fear and cuddle up with it. Even if you fail, no struggle is a complete waste, you will be wiser and more experienced next time.

Take that big bold step, be it in your business or work, calculate your moves very well, make a contingency plan in case it goes wrong and make that big move. The thing about risks is that you are seeing both outcome from where you stand, focus on the positive one and give it your best shot.

No one ever made it by avoiding pain, sitting tight in thier comfort zone and playing it safe. Sometimes you need to go all out if you must make it big. Some of the advantages of taking risks includes:

It helps you become more confident and makes you stand out as a goal getter. It helps you see clearly the unforeseen opportunities you may have been missing. It makes you wiser, knowing that success will not fall right into your palms, you have to chase at it. It teaches you to overcome your fear of failure and also helps you in making better and smarter plans by taking calculated decisions.

Finally, take that risk. Calculate your steps well, make a fall back plan and take that big bold step. If you succeed you will be happy, if you fail, you will come out wiser and stronger.

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