Don’t Wait Till All Is Ready!

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The best way to get something done is to get started. If you have something you intend to do, be it a business, a project or a goal you have set for yourself to accomplish and you are waiting for the perfect time when all the resources you need will be available then you will never achieve anything.

No one has ever achieved anything by having everything and those who achieved everything never had anything to begin with. Life may not be treating everyone equally but when it comes to setting goals and achieving them, the procedure is always the same for everyone. You can’t have everything you require, you may have more or less privilege than others, but not everything and you still have to work your way up to your dreams with whatever you think you have got.

Start with whatever you have, if you have nothing then start with nothing. Do not wait for when all you need will be ready and do not look at or compare your situation to others who have more than you do. They will have thier own fair share of challenges as they go.

Some of the most unsuccessful people are the ones who made the most excuse for why they did not do what they ought to. Do not wait until you are ready before you do what you ought to do, you may never be ready. Never wait untill you have all the money you need before starting that business. Don’t wait for all conditions to be favourable before embarking on that project. Do not wait for government to put things in place before you take that bold step. Never bank on promises from a human, family or not. Just start, if help comes, take it! If conditions change and favours you, perfect! If Government fixes things, great! Don’t wait for when all will be fine before you move, Just go! Let every other thing meet up with you. Now is your ready time, Start already!

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