Don’t Forget The Things Money can’t Buy

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Money is very good and very important, anybody that tells you otherwise is either joking or not living on the planet earth. All we do in the active course of our life is either acquiring knowledge in preparation to making money by going to school or making money by working. Inadvertently, whatever we do is always geared towards making money directly or indirectly, one way or the other.

Money runs everything, from the home, to places of religious worship, school, companies and firms, leisure centres, Hospitals, organisations, governments, countries etc. Virtually everything in life directly or indirectly depends on money. If you make money, you earn respect, become powerful and famous. You can control anything and everything including the people around you. If you make a lot of it, you could even run the world.

However, as good, important and powerful as I have described money above, there are still certain things money can not buy or control. If it could, the rich would have it all and be immortal, but when it comes to these things, the rich and poor are alike and equal. LOVE, HAPPINESS, PEACE, MANNERS, TRUE FRIENDS, TIME AND HEALTH are some of the few things money can’t buy.

So while you are chasing all the good and luxury things money can buy, don’t forget to check if you are missing out or losing the precious things money can’t buy. You could have all the money in the world but still lack true love and true friends. People may be around you but none truly likes or love you. You could also be very rich but also very sad and restless, you can afford everything but you are still not happy inside of you and you don’t feel at peace. Maybe you are just acquiring money and not considering other things that really makes you happy.

Are you the type who can afford anything money can buy but can’t afford to spend quality time with your loved ones, simply because you are too busy? Or the type whose health is failing because of stress of chasing money and not having time for yourself? There are a lot of money drunk and mannerless folks out there who can’t just make s simple polite statement because of thier bank account size.

Money is good but, it is not everything. Chase money but don’t lose yourself and lose everything while chasing it. No one has ever caught it all and no one has ever been satisfied with the much they caught. Chase money but remember to also chase the things money can’t buy. That way you get a little of this and a little of that and that is balance.

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