Never Abandon The Hands That Raised You

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Life works in a recycling way, we start as a helpless baby and when grow old, we go back into being a helpless adult baby again. When you were a baby, powerless, defenseless, weak and tender. Some persons was there for you, took care of you, cleaned up all the irritating things you did, including your excreta and vomits, bath you, feed you, worked hard to pay your fees and protected you till you grew into an adult. They could be your biological parents or just guardian, which ever it is, they did all those things to see you grow up well, be a productive adult and in turn, help them when they eventually become old and weak again.

However, some persons are in the habit of abandoning thier old ones. They grow up and vanish, abandoning the people who raised them to thier old fate. So your parents after taking the pain to raise you, typically becomes childless when they grow old. What could cause someone to abandon or forget his or her aged parents? Is it work, Distance, problems with parents, lack of money, grudges of not being raised well, too old and irritating or simply just a bad child?

There should never be a reason why someone should abandon their aged parents, no matter what. You can’t be too busy not to find time to take care of your parents, you can’t be too far not to find a way to tend to your aged ones, even if it means hiring someone to do so. You do not need all the money in the world to fend for your parents, they didn’t have the world but they raised you. Besides, sometimes your physical presence is just all they need. If you are having problems with your parents or you have a legitimate grudge against them, that should never mean you abandon them when they are frail and too weak to tend to themselves. They may have not been perfect and during the course of raising you, may have made several mistakes. You just have to forgive them and be a child to them when they need you most.

If your problem is that they have become too old, have started acting completely like a baby and doing irritating things, then you are simply just a bad child. Karma will eventually find you. Remember you will also grow old and weak, if karma wants to punish you, it will let you stay very long, just like your parents. If your children treat you same way, hope you like and enjoy it.

There are certain blessings and wisdom we get from tending to the old and aged. Never abandon your aged loved ones, you will also grow old someday and will need to be taken care of. Never forget the hands that raised you so that you are not also forgotten in your own days. You may be young now and full of life, someday you will realise you are not so strong anymore. if you are too busy, you can send them to elderly homes and go see them from time to time. Take care of the hands that raised you so life will reward you accordingly.

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