The Right Person Will Come

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A failed relationship hurts, sometimes not only because we love the person involved but because of the extra miles we went just to see things work. When we fall in love and begin dating, we always have the urge to please the person, care for them, make them feel happy, make illogical sacrifices, sometimes at our own expense. Still it won’t be enough for some people, they would still go ahead to hurt you and say you were not interesting and fun enough.

Yes! You weren’t interesting and fun enough. You know why? Because you where with the wrong person. Truth is, you can never be good enough for someone who is not ready for commitment or rather, someone who is not ready to commit to you. Not matter how you try, what you do to please them, how extra spontaneous you are, how beautiful or sexy you look or how flexible you are in bed.

The painful thing here is that sometimes they are fully aware of the fact that they are not the one for you and they just go ahead and waste your time. They make you feel like you are the problem, sit back and watch you struggle to figure out something that was never a problem. You are beautiful/handsome and sexy, they use you as a trophy to thier friends. You are the homely type, they use you like a house help. You are good in bed, they go ahead to use you as a sex toy and if you are the very patient and enduring type, you will spend several years with them only to recieve thier wedding cards with another by surprise.

If you have been a victim of the above, do not overthink it. It actually hurts badly, but do not beat yourself too long for it. And hey! Nothing is wrong with you. You are not the problem here, they are. Someday, the right person will come and you wont have to take courses in comedy or hang out till 12:00am at night just to answer interesting. You will just be enough for them. You will mean everything and be everything to them. The fun and excitement will come naturally and they will make you realise why it did not work out with the previous ones.

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