Hold Onto Whatever Makes You Happy

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In the world of today where there are a million things to make you sad and a million more reasons to keep you that way, finding true happiness seems like a complex mathematics. Everything seems to want to get under your nerves, from economy to government to personal life and everything inbetween.

They say happiness is free, but you end up paying for it. You step out of your door to get fresh air and find a place to relax then the next question you hear is Savings or Current? No matter where you may be in this world, life is hard and finding balance seems more harder.

A lot of people have tried attaining happiness by pursuing money, believing that after they acquire enough, they will be happy. However, they never get to acquire enough and even as much as they have gotten, they still are not truly happy. A lot more are sad, they have everything money can buy but still are not truly happy. True happiness is not acquired and not luxurious in nature. It comes from within and around and guess what? It’s free.

True happiness comes when you go for those things that gives you peace and makes you smile. That person that makes your heart feel at peace anytime you are around them or that thing that makes you want to do it over and over again. It could be your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner of any sort, children, family, friend, your job or work, hobby or just anything.

If you are lucky and you find that person or thing that gives you inner peace and makes you feel happy for no reason, never let go. Anything you are doing and it makes you truly happy, you love and enjoy doing it, hold on to it very tight. Be it your job, partner or hobby, just never let go. This is the only way to attain true happiness and fulfillment in life. Hold onto and keep doing whatever makes you happy.

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