Be Discreet With Your Moves

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We often have the urge to appear impressive to our family, friends and peers both in the way we look and talk, our finances and acquisitions and with our plans. We do this because they also appear impressive to us and we want to also let them see ours too and show that we are also succeeding. For this, we make unnecessary announcements by sharing our plans or next actions and sometimes it lands in the wrong ears.

In this era of social media boom, making announcements and showing off has been made so easy. Everybody is showing off and sharing to everybody, no one is poor or unintelligent on social media. This creates a compulsive feeling or impulse for us to want to show or share ours too. Communication and chatting platforms are everywhere and very affordable too. You can easily chat with someone million miles away and it feels so comfortable and easy to talk because the person is not right in front of you, therefore easy for you to tell your friends and family both far and near what your plans are and what your next move sounds like.

Do not get it all wrong, sharing plans with family and friends is good. It can save you a lot of costly mistakes and help exchange very important ideas that could help boost your plans or give you a fresh interesting one. Social media is also the best thing to happen in our generation. Marketing, trading, socializing, exchange of ideas and customer service have been made easy and efficient. The advantages of social media is so numerous it can not be over estimated.

That been said, never be in a hurry to announce your moves or next plans to everyone who cares to listen. There is no art to find the mind’s construction on the face. That great plan of yours may fall on the wrong or eager ear, be it a friend, family or a stranger on the social media. Many people have had their ideas stolen because they could not control their mouth. You could have the idea but not the resources to implement it, sharing it to the wrong person may see another person making millions of an idea you initially conceived and you cannot prove it.

A lot of other people have had their plans thwarted from the beginning by bad family or friends just because they could not keep it to theirself. You can tell your friends or family about something you intend to do and have a million people wishing you failure. If you fail, you see them throwing jests or sarcasms at you randomly as if it was their failure. Many more have gotten into trouble for what they have shared on the social media.

Don’t trust to much or too easily, keep your plans and moves to yourself and go about it discretely. When you fail, no one knows, when you succeed, everybody celebrates. If you need help and must share your idea, make sure it’s someone you can trust. Hustle and execute your plans in silence, let your success do the announcements and sharing.

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